Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year in Review

This year, I: 

  • got my first DSRL
  • took 9,500 photos with it
  • finally visited Portland, OR
  • made new friends who live far away (no surprise there)
  • drank too much in Portland
  • and Florida
  • started wearing only dresses
  • and cut my hair short again
  • lost and gained weight. Rinse, repeat
  • almost mastered the art of pita bread making
  • became serious about photography
  • and decided to build a portfolio to show potential clients
  • had my first (free) photo session with a friend and his daughter
  • spent my first Christmas away from my family
  • met the guy I want to marry (and will marry)
  • spent way too much time away from him and missed him like crazy for over 100 days
  • and met his wonderful family in the space of two weeks (phew, that was a lot of family members and friends!)

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