Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ooops... Ouch

Yesterday, I wanted to take a picture of the sky because it was gorgeous, so I went downstairs to the kitchen, opened the slide door and my dog followed me. My mother yelled "the gate's open and the landscaping crew is coming now", so I ordered my dog to get back inside, but he kept walking. I started running, barefoot, slipped and went flying. I landed a few feet further, on my left side, with my camera at my side. I only thought of the camera then, though it was painful. I picked it up, tried to get myself together and went back inside. The pain just kept getting worse.

I still can barely lift up my arm. Opening things is painful as all hell. My neck is sore, and now my back hurts too. All the muscles in the upper part of my body are sore, and I can't turn my head without feeling a sharp pain in my muscles. My right arm is fine, thankfully. I had a really bad headache yesterday, too, and couldn't tilt my head down. If I'm still in pain tomorrow, I'll go see a doctor, but I don't think it's anything major. It's painful, for sure, and there's not a second I'm not in pain, but it's muscular, it seems, and there's really nothing that can be done for that. Rest is the only medicine. I just wish I had some strong painkillers right now.

While I can't do things like exercise or even dress myself, I can still edit photos from my trip to Florida! 

Two anhingas (aka snake birds) taking flight 
at the Wetlands Preserve in Boynton Beach, 
Palm Beach County. 
Fall was a little late in Florida this year. 
Taken at the Wetlands Preserve. 


Rhiannon said...

pretty photos, m'dear.

Anne said...

Thanks, Rhiannon! All credit goes to the anhingas and the wetlands.