Warning: Anne doesn't usually write about herself in the third person. 

Born and raised in France, Anne studied Poli Sci in the United Kingdom. In June 2008, she left her life in London where she was doing a master’s degree to do an internship on a U.S Senate campaign. She started the blog to document her new life in a foreign land, and to keep in touch with the friends she’d met while volunteering at the American Church in London’s soup kitchen. She mostly wrote about the great or weird things she witnessed or experienced. 

Sometime that summer, her supervisor handed her a Nikon D40, gave her a quick tutorial on how to use it and sent her upstate to take campaign photos. Toward the end of her internship, she realized that she liked taking photos of campaign events more than talking to voters about policy issues or dealing with website stuff.

When Anne moved back to France, she was given a bridge camera for Christmas and started getting interested in film photography too. She also began posting photos on this here right here blog*.

When she's not cooking, Anne can be found at a middle school where she tutors kids and bribes them so they'll do their homework. Her stalkerish and nosy manners finally led her to the realization that she should write for magazines and take photos, but she's not quite sure how to do that yet, so she's keeping the middle school job for now. 

A world class procrastinator, she's working on two Blurb books: one about a campaign she took lots of photos of, and a more general one on the Pacific Northwest. They're both works in progress, sort of like Anne. 

Anne is a lover of green tea, really good fiction, boozy Arnold Palmers, women's magazines, design blogs and excellent spelling, but most of all, she loves her long distance boyfriend. 

She hates when people describe themselves as artists, instead of individuals who happen to create one or several forms of art. If you want to make fun of her, ask her to draw something, anything.

These days, she shoots primarily with a Canon Rebel T1i (Canon 500D) and a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, but also uses a Lomo LC-A+, a Minolta x-500, a Diana with an Instant Back.

* Anne and Brent's favorite expression, courtesy of Down Home With the Neelys