30 Before 30


I don't usually make to-do lists, because I'm the least organized person you'll ever meet, but I figured this was in order since my life has been changing drastically in the last few months, and I've been making more firm plans. Some of these are easier to achieve than others, but a girl needs more manageable goals too, doesn't she? Keep checking for updates on things I've crossed off my list and new additions. 

In no particular order

1. Grow arugula on my porch or in my backyard
2. Grow pots of sprouts
3. Get engaged (June!)
4. Get married (on the right track)
5. Watch my boyfriend/fiancé/husband play as many shows as possible
6. Learn how to make macarons
7. Make this garland 
8. Lean how to style food for photo shoots
9. Become a freelancer
10. Improve my Spanish
11. Buy vintage furniture
12. Decorate our apartment
13. Learn how to make tyropita and spinakopita
14. Become a pita baker extraordinaire
15. Make my own bread
16. Drive down from Vancouver, BC to San Diego with Brent
17. Go to Tokyo and Seoul
18. Visit Brooklyn
19. Shoot 50 rolls of film
20. Make two Blurb books
21. Get at least one article published in a magazine
22. Finish writing my comedy screenplay
23. Buy a plant and keep it alive
24. Learn to crochet
25. Find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
26. Master cupcake decoration
27. Learn to design a website
28. Learn to shoot video
29. Shoot a wedding
30. Be ready to open a tea room before I'm 32