Saturday, May 28, 2011

Better Digs

After much debate and false starts, I've moved on to better digs (i.e a better URL). If you'd like to check out my new place, just use the contact page, or comment on any old post. I'll be more than happy to send you the link (*).

(*) This is merely to protect myself.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Came in the Mail

This morning, I received a 135mm lens for my Minolta x-500. I bought it on eBay three days ago from a seller in Paris who advertised it as a Viabrillant/Minolta. I googled Viabrillant, but nothing came up, so I'm assuming it was either the name Minolta lenses were sold under in some countries, or a subcontractor. I emailed the seller to ask him if he knows anything about it. I also got the 5 rolls of film I'd ordered from Thailand. I'll be covered for a couple of months if I shoot mainly digital this summer, or a couple of weeks if I shoot more film than digital, so I'll have to re-stock up via eBay. 


The lens is somewhat of a beast, and it's going to take some getting used to. I shot a few photos with it, and I had to back away a lot more than I'd expected. In the process, I ran into a sweet older couple, and had to avoid a group of Japanese tourists who were in my line of view. I almost got a shot of a nice store layout, but a kid was in the way, and he was not budging. These are all things I'm not used to, being a 50mm girl for financial reasons, so the learning process is going to be interesting. It's definitely going to make me stop and think about composition a lot more. 


In a week, I should be getting two rolls of film back: one from Florida, and the other one from here. I have no idea what's on either, which gives you an idea of how much I've been shooting film lately (a shot here in there, with weeks at a time spent without touching my camera). There's still a roll in my LC-A with a few photos I took in Miami, and the rest needs to be taken here. I think I'll finish it when Brent gets here.  

I've only used four types of film in my life: Kodak gold 200, Fujicolor 100, and two types of Lomography films, so I'm taking any and all film recommendations.