Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Florida tomorrow.

I am leaving for Florida tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to be spending the night at my sister's apartment in Paris so I can take the metro to the airport in the morning. It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow, so getting there might take longer and my flight might be delayed, but here's hoping Mother Nature doesn't interfere. 

Right now, my suitcase is almost full, and I really hope it's not over the weight limit. I have a lot of presents that I should have just waited until I got to Florida to buy and they're taking up half of the room.I'm dreading having to carry the suitcase up five flights of stairs tonight. 

I'll be taking photos like crazy, and will have a lot of editing and uploading to do when I get back on January 1st. Oh, right, I'll be spending New Year's Eve on a plane. Has anyone ever done that? What is that like? 

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