Saturday, December 11, 2010

Basquiat & Ladurée

Last weekend, I went to Paris to do some Christmas shopping and see the Basquiat exhibit. It was really cold, and I was really glad that we'd booked our tickets online three weeks prior because waiting in line in the cold for three hours wouldn't have been doable. 


His anatomy drawings. 


A portrait shot by Warhol. 

Album cover for a jazz record. 
Über expensive Basquiat sneakers. 

The neon sign says "en finir avec ce monde irréel", 
but I thought it read "avec ce monde réel", which I 
found to be a lot more interesting

The façade of the building as seen from the first floor. 
Christmas decorations everywhere. 
This was taken on or near Rue du Faubourg St Honoré.

My parents had never had Ladurée macarons, so after the exhibit, my mother and I waited in line for over 20 minutes for 6 mini macarons and brought them back to my sister's. Mine was supposed to be a chestnut macaron, but I couldn't taste the chestnut at all. 


I bought some Marie-Antoinette tea for Brent's mother.

They let me take a dozen photos inside until  I got 
to the cash register and was told  they have copyrights 
on something or other and I wasn't allowed to take photos. 

But really the best thing to came out of that weekend in Paris? It starts in "in" and ends in "fluenza". And it's been kicking my ass for the past week. I came back from Paris with a sore throat. The next day, I was a mess at work, and when I was grocery shopping, I started shivering. At home, I shivered even more and that night I spent sweating and getting up to drink water every hour or so. A fantastic night I spent. I thought I would be able to go to work on Tuesday, then realized it was very unwise. I haven't left the house since then except to go to the doctor's on Tuesday night. The coughing hasn't subsided either, and it might be more painful now. At the very least, it's tiring. 

Oh, and that cough syrup? It hasn't soothed my throat in the least bit, and made me nonsensical and susceptible to freak outs of the highest order. Case in point, yesterday, Skype froze on my ass, and then there was a 2 minute lag between what Brent was saying and what I was seeing. In normal conditions, I would have been mildly annoyed. Instead, I flipped out. I laughed like I was off my rocker, and was generally very confused by what was happening. Also, sweeping the floor was a much more daunting task than it usually is because I'd stop sweeping and wonder how in the world I'd be able to make a neat pile because I just couldn't tell what direction I was supposed to sweep in. Who needs illegal drugs when you've got cough syrup, right? I checked the side effects last night and they read "confusion, agitation". No kidding. 

So now I've wasted an entire week, and I have a few days to get presents for Brent, his mother, father, sister, grandmother and aunt. And I have no idea what to get. 


Rhiannon said...

are you feeling better yet?

Anne said...

No, still not after 10 days. I don't kid around with sickness, I'm super serious about it. When I get sick, it lasts two weeks. Who wants to spend only 48 hours with a virus, right? The viruses and I, we need quality time together.