Friday, November 5, 2010

Goodbye, Seattle!

My train to Vancouver, WA, left around 2pm, so my last day in Seattle was very short. After walking all the way to Capitol Hill, I walked all the way back to downtown, and got very lost. I walked down wide avenues, saw the skyscrapers up-close and found a touch of French influence in Westlake. 




I couldn't not take a picture of this street sign because we
have this tv show in France called Plus Belle La Vie that revolves around a Marseilles neighborhood called Le Mistral, and the main characters live on Place du Mistral. 


I went back to Pike Place to buy chocolate pasta at Pappardelle's for my parents, but I ended up giving them to my boyfriend who, I'm sure, hasn't tried them.

I ran into these poor little crabs that I couldn't resist taking snapshots of. 

And these yummy looking cookies that I resisted trying, but had to photograph.
I loved this chili display; the colors were so vibrant!
And then it was time to bid Seattle adieu, but not before taking a last look at the mountains in the background. 

Goodbye, Seattle! I've missed you since I left, despite my mixed feelings about you as a whole. 

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