Friday, October 29, 2010

Capitol Hill, Seattle

I walked for a while, trying to find the exact location of the Singles apartment building, and ended up finding some other cute houses and buildings. Capitol Hill is a lovely neighborhood. If I moved to Seattle, I would want to live in that area.  

I loved the apartment buildings in the East Thomas area. 
There were some really similar ones in SE Portland. 

This is the apartment complex where Singles was shot. It looked different in the movie, but once I found out the cross-street it was on, it was pretty easy to recognize. It looked unlike any other. I blurred the street number for
obvious reasons. 

That's the best shot I could get of the Space Needle. Sad, uh? 
I love my 50mm lens, but it's useless to photograph certain things.  


I loved this old drive-thru sign. I love neon signs, and this one was
particularly pleasing to the eyes. It was enormous, too. 

I liked the window display at Urban Outfitters. Thankfully, it was closed when I walked by, otherwise, I would have left considerably poorer. 


This coffee house had a really cute exterior. 




Michelle said...

I love that you looked for the apartment building in Singles! I went to the premier of the movie in Hollywood. I was just a kid, sophomore in high school. Pearl Jam played at the after party. To this day, I have no idea how I got an invite and I how I convinced my parents to let me and my friend go.

Great photos!

Anne said...

Thanks, Michelle! The premiere sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love that movie so much that it was the first thing I thought about checking out when I decided to spend two days in Seattle. I had been to Seattle as a kid, and hated it, so I thought I'd find something fun and original to see that time, and it was worth it! The building looks so cool, too.