Saturday, March 13, 2010

Currently digging

  • Jakob Dylan - Everybody's Hurting (Off the Women + Country EP)

The best track off the EP in my opinion. 
The male-female harmonies are outstanding. 
I'm not a Neko Case fan, but this makes me 
like her. I can't wait for the new record. 
April 6th can't come soon enough. 

Favorite lines: 
"Faith is believing what you see ain't so
But my sweetheart, we've got to learn 
to live with these ghosts
They can't leave, we can't go"

  • Jakob Dylan - They've Trapped Us Boys (Off the Women + Country EP)
My second favorite track on the EP. 
  • Jakob Dylan - Nothing But the Whole Wide World (Off the Women + Country EP)
This one I had to listen to a 
few times before I liked the arrangements. 
At first, I didn't like how muffled 
Jakob's voice sounded, because it was 
so different from his previous records.

  • Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel 
Glorious, glorious sounds. The lyrics are 
in Hebrew so I can't really sing along, 
but I would if I could. 

  • Drive-By Truckers - Birthday Boy
It's one of those bands I'd always 
heard about, but never checked out. 
What a mistake! 

  • She & Him - In the Sun
If you haven't seen the video, 
you're missing out!
It's 100% adorable, with hula hoop 
and Zooey is as cute as ever. 
The album is released 
on March 23rd and it'd better 
be in my record store. 

  • Neva Dinova & Bright Eyes - Poison


Anonymous said...

These music posts are excellent as always.

Anne said...

Thanks, Des! I love writing them.