Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Migraine-Proofing My Bedroom

The first thing I did to try to avoid migraines/lessen the symptoms, was to move my desk by the window to get plenty of fresh air, and get a nice view of the top of the trees, and see some natural light. My migraines typically started when I was at my desk that was facing a wall.


It took forever to reorganize my entire room because it's small and there's not that much space for tall furniture. I couldn't move my Ikea bookshelves, but if I kept one large bookcase, the room seemed even smaller, so I removed a Billy bookcase. I had to move all my books (that's about 500) to another large bookcase where I'd organized my books by color and made stacks.

Instead, I organized them by alphabetical order and upright for easy access. Now it looks super crowded, and it's not a long term solution since I just can't not buy books. I had to find space for my cameras, and that was in front of my books.




The Minolta is keeping Joshua Ferris, Jonathan Safran Foer and F. Scott Fitzgerald company. The Holga seems to be in love with Adam Langer (as am I). Unsurprisingly, the Diana F+ has fallen in with Tom Wolfe, Elizabeth Wurtzel and Virginia Woolf, who are themselves a pretty strange bunch with seemingly little in common. The LC-A+ is hanging out with Don DeLillo, Junot Diaz, Bret Easton Ellis and Dave Eggers. The Polaroid mostly with Joe Klein. And the Canon Rebel, ever so serious, has taken a liking to Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Atwood and Paul Auster. 

I moved my bed to the area where my desk used to be, and it's not surrounded by two Ikea night-stands, one of which is really a coffee table I'm using for my stereo, headphones and some cds. It's unfortunate that I kept the shelf above the bed because I'm bound to hit my head against it. 


Overall, I kind of like it. 

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