Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the past year or so, I've really wanted this turntable or one of the similar Crosley models, in black, blue, or tan. 

Crosley Archive Portable USB Turntable $140 

It just looks so perfect, and my brother has told me countless times how much better vinyls are. If they shipped these overseas, I would buy one on Amazon. 

Edit: there's also this one that's available here. It also has a headphone jack, whereas the Crosley turntables don't. It's just not as decorative. 

 And this one -



Nicolas said...

"how much better vinyls are" ... Vs CDs with SAME SPEAKERS.

On this turntable you'll find a poor PC-like speakers' sytem.

Anne said...

That bad, eh? It's an adorable vintage-y turntable though. Where are you?