Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I've been obsessing over/been busy doing these past few days -
  • (Obsessing about)whether to get Apple's Magic Mouse
  • (been busy) asking my father to get me this or that from Canada, namely The Audacity to Win by David Plouffe, a new Starbucks tumbler because mine just broke, and magazines
  • (Obsessing over)whether to get a subscription to The Atlantic
  • (been busy) reading 10,000 different things. Amongst others The Believers by Zoe Heller, issue 8 of n+1, a multitude of articles in the politics section of the NYT, Jonathan Franzen's The Discomfort Zone, the October issue of The Atlantic I bought in London, and catching up on The Rachel Maddow Show and Countdown. Also, following people on Twitter takes an awful lot of time.
  • (been busy) trying to figure out how/what to teach my students, especially those who don't want to learn
  • (been busy) learning how to drive. 
  • (obsessing over) how long it's going to take me to stop being afraid of driving
  • (obsessing over)the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. It's been 5 months already, damn it, I should be over it. 
  • (obsessing over) how many cds and songs I've bought since late August (either in stores, on Amazon, or in the iTunes store)

    • Far (Regina Spektor)
    • Break Up (Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson)
    • Back & Fourth (Pete Yorn)
    • Musicforthemorningafter (Pete Yorn. See a pattern here?)
    • The Essential Hall & Oates
    • Monsters of Folk (Monsters of Folk)
    • 500 Days of Summer (Bonus Version with JGL's karaoke version of Here Comes Your Man)
    • Sunday at the Devil Dirt (Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan)
    • Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A's Desert Origins (Pavement)
    • random songs by the Pixies, Pete Yorn, Foreigner, Coconut Records (Bored to Death theme song ftw), Matt & Kim, and Rusty Truck

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