Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Since I last updated, I've been:
- Writing cover letters (and thus making lots of improvements over the original one) - Trying to find a job in a field I like. No such luck. - Mentally preparing myself for the job I got - Taking lots of photos. - Lusting after all sorts of cameras - Spending money on cameras - Spending money on film for said cameras - Trying to do something with my life but have been too scared to fail more than I already have - To Spain for 3 weeks * - To London for 5 days # - Jealous that other people my age have it together or at least have achieved things that I haven't.
What's kept me going: - photography and the millions of things I need to learn about it In April, I discovered toy cameras. My first two attempts at shooting with a Holga were utter failures because I used 35mm film and just couldn't for the life of me take it out correctly.
The Holga is on the right. Right: Fuji Instax 200 (aka the Fischer Price toy)
Then, I switched to 120 film, and got one roll developed in June which featured this picture
Giant bear from a massive rummage sale (edited in Photoshop CS4)
I got another processed in July, but left before I could get it roll back. I'm going to the lab today to get it back and drop 8 rolls off from my trip to Spain. Two of those rolls (of 16 frames) were shot on this gem below, that I got from the Lomography store in Barcelona over a week ago.
Diana F+ Colette Edition
I also bought the Instant Back with which I haven't had much luck yet
Diana Instant Back+
Pictorial evidence:
Overexposed/Underexposed breakfast table Diana F+ Instant Back
And the obligatory "I left the lens cap on" picture
Note that this was the first time it happened in 4 months of using toy cameras
* Some Spain trip pictures:
Sky diver at the Batalla de Flores, Valencia Ferris Wheel in Valencia View bigger
On the beach near Valencia View bigger
Kids in the Pinedes region View bigger
# Some London trip pictures
Man reading the Guardian at an Islington café Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Craig Finn of The Hold Steady at Wembley, May 2009 Adam Duritz and Dan Vickrey of Counting Crows at Wembley, May 2009
Adam Duritz at Wembley
Dan Vickrey, Kati Claborn & Israel Nebeker at Wembley

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