Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I haven't really been updating this thing. I've been really busy with work, my thesis and trying to figure out the logistics of Mike's visit, and now I'm busy with work, my thesis, Mike, figuring out the logistics of our trips, as well as feeling guilty about not being at work 24/7, feeling guilty about not spending enough time with Mike, and feeling guilty about not working on my thesis.

  Since the last update, Anne from the Soup Kitchen and her daughter Rachel have come to see me in ManchVegas, and I'm sure they were jealous that I live in such a happening city. I've made a few calls for the finance team, with very few results. No-one is ever home, the few people who are tell me they're too old to leave the house, or they just had surgery. I've had a lot of calls about offshore drilling, with people telling me I'm uninformed because I don't support offshore drilling and I tell them oil is a finite resource.


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