Saturday, July 26, 2008

As promised (to myself), here's an update. I think I like the bullet point format better, so I'll try to stick to that.
  • saw McCain in Rochester, NH on Tuesday with Russell.
    • We were asked if we wanted to sit on stage with McCain, but refused because, well, we work for the Democratic Party.
    • I didn't get to take any pictures
    • the balcony was the place to be. It was a great display of mental cases.
    • a lady said she was against the war, and it had been waged for oil. Some people got angry and didn't want to let her finish. Some crazy guy yelled "run for office" (more about him later). McCain told the boo-ers off for not letting her speak, and to his credit, let her respond to his comments twice.
      • he did kind of have to do that because the place was full of 'Democrats for McCain' so he had to prove he could accept opinions from the other side of the aisle.
      • that crazy guy was really angry that McCain told them off, and he sat there shaking, with his fists under his chin, and his mouth twisted in a really unpleasant way. I kept thinking, he's going to punch someone. You could tell he was embarrassed that McCain had not agreed with him that the lady shouldn't be allowed to speak. I guess it was a different audience (NH= lots of Independents and Democrats who won't vote for Obama because they're disappointed that Hillary didn't win the nomination) and the room was full of reporters.
    • someone's cell phone rang a couple of rows ahead of me, and a guy turned around and expressed his annoyance, and a woman said something while making gestures that were in no way rude, but this guy had some anger management issues, and said, angrily, don't wave your hands at me. That's the second reason why the balcony was the place to be.
  • Had an office retreat in Concord on Thursday. We played games (group exercises), had breakout sessions where I was the scribe for the political department while the other interns had other departments' sessions to take notes for. It enabled me to talk to this adviser I'd never talked to, who gave me a ride to the Mexican restaurant and back to Manchester. He told me about living abroad when he was in the Peace Corps and traveling.
  • Yesterday, I found out I was going to be part of team internet. Now, team internet is called team internet despite only having one member. I'm pretty happy to be working for him, he's a great guy, incredibly smart and easy going. I asked if I could still work on projects for others and he told me he wasn't too keen on 'sharing' me, but then Russell asked him and he said I could still do some tracking, so that's good. That's what matters. So now I have to learn html, and in a week or two, I will be on team internet. This is really exciting.
  • I made two types of muffins today. They're really good, but the carrot ones are too flat, and the banana choc chips ones are not brown enough. So I need to make improvements.
  • I had a really big scare when my laptop battery started showing very low charge levels despite the green light on the mag safe being on. The charge level went from 100 to 75 and then within a few minutes, from 75 to 11. That night, I had nightmares that it went down to 3, then 1, then 0% and when I woke up, charge level was 3%. I thought I was going to cry. I called Apple and because I have Apple care, I was told they would be shipping me a new battery within the next few days. So now I'm waiting for my new battery and am giddy at the prospect of it showing 100% and my macbook pro not shutting down when it's below 80% charged.
  • Some days I still don't have a lot to do, so I still beg people for projects. Gchat is great for that.
  • I might be going to the Newport Folk Festival to see Jakob Dylan, She & Him and the Black Crowes. It's pretty exciting. Tickets are $75 so it's not exactly cheap, but it's Jakob, and I've never seen him, so it's worth it.

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