Monday, July 21, 2008

I have been really bad at updating this for one main reason: I have been working on a blog project for someone at the office, and that has made me sick of blogs to be perfectly honest. However, I am going to do a better job from now on and will update at least once a week. To recap, here are the things I've done since I last updated this thing (not in chronological order):
 - saw Michelle Obama in Manchester
 - saw Hillary and Barack in Unity
 - saw Sununu at a parade in Hillsborough
 - marched in two 4th of July parades behind the governor
 - met some state senators last weekend
 - answered many phone calls about the Obama office (there isn't one in Manchester if I'm not mistaken)
 - prepared memos
 - begged people in this office to give me more work
 - learned how to take pictures with a camera that makes me look like a paparazzi (I think the singular is paparazzo, actually)
 - got majorly sunburned twice (car ride, convertible, you get the picture)
 - went to the Mall of New Hampshire (nothing amazing, it's just a mall)
 - went to Starbucks (twice, there's only one in Manchester, and it's at the mall, 5 miles down the road)
 - went to Portsmouth (it's a gorgeous town, I'm so jealous of the campaign people who are based there)
 - went to Exeter and saw the Academy
 - had many an expensive sandwich, which makes me even more like the type of person described on the blog Stuff White People Like
 - was asked out on a date (turned it down, of course)
 - had my first drink in a bar (I wasn't 21 the last time I was in this country)
 - and most importantly, moved into an apartment, where I pay rent, and which is closer to work
 - had many iced coffees at Dunkin Donuts, no cream no sugar (people in New England like their Dunkin Donut coffee)

  And here are the things I haven't done:
 - had the really big Big Gulp
 - talked to Obama's go-to guy (sorry, Fiona, I know you told me I should try to date him)
 - worked on the Obama campaign (who even knows where those people work out of?)
 - seen the Fisher Cats play

  On the topic of the blog Stuff White People Like, their latest entry is unpaid internships. Yes, exactly.

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