Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recently (III)

Monday morning: croissants are a wonderful(ly buttery) way to start the week, and they taste fantastic with a cup of Earl Grey tea. 


Tuesday: pasta, arugula & green pea salad with mozzarella and an olive oil, lemon juice and basil dressing.  


Also Tuesday: wilted flowers. I'm really bad with flowers, but I'm sure Rhiannon knows! 


Friday: learning to use the back button focusing function, using dandelions. 


Also Friday: made a facial scrub using ground rolled oats, yogurt and honey. 


Not pictured: a Saturday afternoon spent in the kitchen making an eggplant and bell pepper tart, as well as a mini mascarpone & cherry tomato tart that was seriously delicious, and a great dinner with friends with chocolate mousse and tiramisu for dessert. 


Rhiannon said...

are those flowers you're growing?

Anne said...

No, they were given to us by guests. Aren't they pretty?