Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photography stuff

 One of my biggest (and certainly most annoying) problems in photography is getting a straight shot. I don't have the best eyesight, even with glasses on. To remedy that, I wanted to order the bubble level from Photojojo. Unfortunately, from experience, I was pretty sure I'd have to pay an import fee, so I found the same one on Amazon. It's really too bad because I'm in love with the Photojojo store. 

Buy the The Level Camera Cube at the Photojojo Store!

Another problem I have is with correct white balance (especially when there's nothing white or gray in the same lighting conditions), so I was going to add this little cap to my cart. 

Buy the White Balance Lens Cap at the Photojojo Store!

I found a less cute one on Amazon, but Photojojo, I swear if I'd been in the U.S, I would have ordered it from you!

However, before Brent comes here, you can be sure I'm going to ask him to bring this back for me, in red and blue. 

Buy the The Tokyo Dreamer Strap at the Photojojo Store!

And in a few months, I want to add this chalkboard to my arsenal. 

Buy the Chalkboard Speech Bubble at the Photojojo Store!

The first (more) expensive thing I buy is going to be either this Kelly Moore bag: 

or this other Kelly Moore bag. Check out her website, her bags look awesome. Don't skip the video either. 

What I love about this one is that it has 
a laptop compartment, and carrying a 15" MacBook Pro 
horizontally would be such a relief for my poor legs. 
The vertical bag I have right now is not bruise-proof 
when you're short and you walk very fast. 

Even though this has nothing to do with photography, winter would be a whole lot better if I were wearing this beanie. 

Now I'm going to go beat myself up for not buying it when I tried it on in Miami and Brent told me it was cute. Freezing temperatures, you would be almost bearable with this on. 


Anonymous said...

photojojo is sooo awesome. i got a fujimax and wide angle adapter from them. they have such a fun collection of stuff.

love that second kelly bag, btw.

Anne said...

They really do. And the layout is so well done, it really makes you want to add everything to your basket.

I think the second Kelly bag is the one I'm going to get because of the laptop compartment. Do you have that bag? I'd love to know what people think of it.