Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miami Pt 2

The plan was to have lunch at Versailles, in Little Havana, because it had the best reviews on Yelp. When we got there, there was a protest in front of Versailles, with bullhorns and the like, so we decided to go to La Carreta across the street, because it also had really good reviews. Unfortunately, there were very few vegetarian options (i.e there was only rice and beans), so my food was less than stellar. 

On the upside, Brent and I pooled our resources and managed to order in Spanish. I even managed to say I was a vegetarian. Now, if you must know, my mother is a Spanish teacher, and I've heard Spanish all my life. I can also read Spanish and follow many conversations. I can't speak it to save my life, despite 7 years of middle school, high school and college Spanish. I could never roll my "r's" and never really tried to speak Spanish because my mother was always around to do it for me. Brent took Spanish in college over 15 years ago, and has a better accent than I do. That's sad. 




The view from my seat. We went to that 
supermercado across the street to find 
newspapers, and came out empty handed. 
There was nothing my mother could have read 
without laughing her ass off and cursing 
the world for being so shallow and dumb. 
Fried plantains. Note to self: 
get green fried plantains next time. 
They were still tasty. 
Brent had chicken. He didn't find it amazing. 

When we left, we went to Versailles to get pastries. I should have taken photos inside, but I'm generally too embarrassed to do that. The spinach empanadas weren't bad, and the flan was okay too. The people were interesting to say the least. Heels and sweatpants on an overweight 65 year old woman? Sexy. 

I have a roll of film to develop from that day. I hope the photos come out alright. Usually, the LC-A doesn't disappoint indoors in low light situations, but we'll see. 

As usual, more photos can be found here


Rhiannon said...

l love fried plantains. mmmmmm.

Anne said...

I love them too. There's a restaurant in NE Portland that has delicious fried plantains, so I was a little disappointed by those.