Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Windstorm on the Gulf of Mexico

The day after Christmas, we went to the Naples pier with Brent's dad and his wife. It had been cold for Florida since the day before, and the wind was really strong. We were supposed to catch a sunset but the sky was so overcast that Victor, Brent's dad, said we should just walk on the pier and see some of old Naples. I hadn't brought a windbreaker to Florida so I borrowed one from Victor's wife. Luckily, I had brought a few pairs of tights and a pair of boots, and I also wore the super comfy and super warm Brookstone nap socks that Melissa had given me for Christmas. I certainly wasn't expecting to be that cold, but the pier that day was so gorgeous that it made it all worth it. I'd never seen the Gulf of Mexico, so I was really excited to finally see it. I've always dreamed of living by the sea and seeing the wild, wind agitated sea outside my window, so it was a treat. There's something really romantic and calming about windstorms, I think. 



Brent and his dad are in the background, seeking shelter
from the very cold wind. 


Look how gigantic those houses are.

I like that it looks like the waves are going 
to swallow the whole city. 





Those poor birds were too cold or too weak
to walk against such strong winds. 


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Alice said...

nice pictures! i especially like the capture of the birds on the beach.