Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food, drinks and Laurelhurst Park

One thing I did a lot of in Portland was go out. I sometimes ate out with the campaign staffers after call time ended, and we typically unwound with a drink and some finger food, or real food when that was available. After 9 or 10pm, there aren't a lot of dining option in Vancouver, let me tell you, but there are always decent tortilla chips and salsa to have with a margarita, or cajun tots with some vodka-based drink. 

On one of those unbearably hot days in late July, I met up with Katie, from the Shaheen campaign at Random Order, a pie place on Mississippi. I had a piece of blackberry peach pie, and I have to say it was one of the best I'd ever had. They have a great pie selection, and it's a really nice place to hang out. Unfortunately, going from SE to Mississippi by bus takes forever, so even though I wanted to take my laptop and study there, I never went back. 

This was a decent Cosmo at a NE bar where Nicole, her boyfriend David, Melissa and I went one night. The bar had an impressively large beer selection (this was Portland after all, people are serious about their beer in Portland)
To be honest, the peanut butter dessert above was a little disappointing, but then, I'm not the biggest peanut butter fan. The decoration was nicely done, though. 
This was a margarita at Esparza at 28th and Ankeny the night before I moved all my stuff to Portland. 
One of the things I discovered in Portland was lemon hummus. One of my favorite quick lunches was hummus on pita bread with tofu, sprouts and cucumber, with a spinach, cherry tomato and feta salad. It was heavenly. I love Brent's plate. 

The time that wasn't spent in bars, in the volunteer room at campaign headquarters or at parades was spent walking around. I loved going to Laurelhurst Park. 


This was my first heron, ya'll. I was really excited. 



This house of very eclectic influences borders the park. I wonder what possessed them to throw in some Mediterranean influences into the mix. 

All photos taken with a Canon T1i (5OOD) except for the last one, shot through a Lomo LC-A+. 

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