Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seattle, Day 2 - Walk to Broadway, Part 1

  My second day in Seattle, I woke up reasonably early (around 5am) and decided to walk from Chinatown to Capitol Hill in search of the apartment complex where part of the Cameron Crowe movie Singles was filmed. 
  I walked down deserted streets at 8am, streets that showed signs of neglect and the passing of time. If this was a wealthy city in a first world country in the 21st century, then why, everywhere I went in the early hours of the morning, did I pass by so many homeless men? 
  The houses along the way showed signs of decay (paint peeling, untended front yards); there were a few abandoned lots, rusty gates, boarded up houses. 

There were also some fine looking dining establishments like the ones below. 



Things got progressively better the closer I got to Capitol Hill. 


If the cars and trucks looked beat up, it was in a hipsterish way.


The businesses started looking more attractive and profitable, too. More thought and effort was put into the architecture and decoration.  


I was amused by the French Presse sign on the right, because it means newsagent, not café. I liked the way the owners used it, though. 






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man said...

great shots! i plan to get to seattle someday.

i just wanted to tell you that i was at candimandi's blog and i went to post a comment about how i never post on her blog, but that the fourth photo was stunning, but i saw you beat me to it. funny. good eye, though!