Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fremont, Seattle

In Fremont, the first afternoon I spent in Seattle, I did what Road Side America told me to, and paid a visit to the Fremont troll, located under the Fremont bridge.


I had to wait until the loud suburbanites left until I could get a decent shot that didn't include someone's rude 7 year old.


Then, I visited old Lenin, and that's where I really noticed how limiting a 50mm lens can be. I feel like Lenin and I have become quite close over the past year, given that the birth of communism is something I've had to explain over and over to my middle school students. Ideologically, he and I aren't that close.  


I also saw the rocket, but got too bad a shot to share. When I go back to Seattle, I'll make sure to get a good photo of it.

My last visit was to the dinosaur, only one of which is pictured here. The metal wire is part of the second dinosaur. 


Fremont also had some cute stores, and the best vintage shop I've ever been to, where I was tempted to buy a dozen records and even more dinnerware and furniture.


There was no escaping the hipster vibe.



There were cafés and restaurants everywhere. I had a delicious cucumber, avocado and sprout sandwich right after getting off the bus.




The river bank was lovely, and made me wish I worked at Google or Getty images, which have local offices by the river, and got to take my lunch breaks there every day.


Going back to Chinatown was sad, but I was exhausted and jetlagged. 


You can find more Fremont photos in my Seattle album.

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