Friday, September 10, 2010

Pike Place Market

I took too many photos at Pike Place, some of which I haven't even uploaded to Flickr yet. You can still see more in my Seattle album
As mentioned in the previous post, I saw the downstairs stores first, and it was quite a disappointment. 


I liked the signs, though. 


The above-ground market was much more interesting. I particularly liked the sign below. 



A sobering account of the state of reading in North America. I'd read half a book that morning, so I felt better about myself when I read the sign. 


Luscious, luscious fruit and vegetables. 



If I had been hungry, I would have been all over these tomatoes. 


But not all over the seafood (I'm a vegetarian). Still, I liked that little lobster hovering above the menu. 


Those boxes were almost enough to make me buy some salmon, but I couldn't imagine having to lug them around for two months, and through four or five airports and a couple of train stations. 


A pilgrimage to the original Starbucks was in order. I didn't take a lot of photos inside, and they turned out horribly because the lighting was terrible. I'm not a big fan of the Pike Place brew. I had it once in ManchVegas and couldn't finish it. It was too bitter. It's usually served in an interesting paper cup, though. I bought a Pike Place mug that I left at the apartment in Portland because I thought my suitcase was going to be over the weight limit. It turns out that it wasn't, and I could have brought it back, along with my hardcover copy of Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. I miss that book, and want to read it again. 



This concludes today's Seattle post. More will be coming in the new few days. 


This post was brought to you by two cups of Mariage Frères Decaf Earl Grey tea, and a selection of M. Ward tunes. 

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