Friday, July 9, 2010

Seattle, Part 1: Walk to the waterfront

All of these photos were taken on my first day in Seattle. I woke up at 3.45am and after reading in bed, editing some photos I took on the flights and Skyping my parents, I decided to have an early breakfast in the Ikea kitchen of the hostel (seriously the best part of the hostel, it was so welcoming in a Scandinavian kind of way), I set out to find Pike Place Market. I had a very general idea of where it was, so I walked to the waterfront, then made my way back up to the market. But that part of the trip is going to be in a different post because I need to edit several dozen pictures. 
This Asian café was right next to my hostel in Chinatown. 
I loved their signs, but I never went inside. 


On the lovely walk from 5th avenue & King Street to the waterfront. Both stores were closed because it was before 9am. .3110

This was one of the few places that was open, but having just had breakfast, I didn't stop there.  

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