Sunday, April 4, 2010


   Got an new power plug for my record player yesterday afternoon. I was a little worried to turn the thing on because I wasn't sure the turntable was working, but it is. I listened to my new She & Him record all evening. I'm seriously in love with that thing and with the record. I'd listened to the album several times, but on shuffle mode which is so different. It sure made me feel better and helped me cope with having a sprained ankle which hurt like hell all day yesterday. I also listened to the entire Women & Country album streaming on Jakob Dylan's MySpace page. I hate MySpace but I'm glad they made it available. My copy should be there on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I won't have to accept the god-awful quality of their upload. I'll write about the album when I get my copy. 

   Now, on to Volume Two
  • At first, I wasn't a big fan of I'm Gonna Make It Better, but now I love it. I always sing along to -
"Running away from you is 
just like running a business"

    even though it's a super ridiculous line. No-one could have gotten away with it but Zooey Deschanel. Anyone else would have gotten ripped to shreds by music critics. 
  • Sing has fantastic lyrics like - 
"Talking on the phone and watching Cribs, 
he doesn't know what kind of guy he is. 
     He's got a gold-plated ceiling and a tv show
 A broken heart and he doesn't even know"

     and a great chorus that I can't help singing along to.

  • I just read the lyrics to Home and if they don't make you smile, you're cold-hearted
"I could be your state and 
I could be your nation
It doesn't get better than home, 
now does it?
I could be your welcome, 
I could be your greater
I could be sweet 
and I could be sweeter
I want to be where 
your heart is home
I want to see you with 
the light in the morning
There's never been such 
a beautiful warning to me"

  • But the song that makes the smile the most and makes me want to dance and go back in time to the 1950s and diners and school dances is Ridin' In My Car just because M. Ward's part makes the song 1,000 times lovelier than it already was. I like the aloofness and hurt in his voice. It's like he doesn't just sing it, he acts the part too. Maybe I'm influenced by the In The Sun video where he acts aloof and oblivious to the girl madly in love with him.

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