Sunday, March 28, 2010

For a good while today, I looked for that essay in The White Album where Joan Didion is in the recording studio with The Doors. 

I earned points for my credit card purchases and redeemed them for two €10 iTunes cards that I received this morning in the mail. I bought these songs with my iTunes credit: 
  • Big Star - The Ballad of El Goodo
  • The Band - The Weight
  • Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High 
  • Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love
I really loved A Serious Man. I'm sure 
I had a big stupid smile on my face during 
the whole thing.The opening scene is bound 
to make you love that song even if you don't
particularly like psychedelic rock (and I've never
really liked it). I also don't really like Grace 
Slick's deep, booming voice. So basically, it's one
of those songs that's really catchy, but I still
find myself wondering "but why?"
  • NRBQ - Ridin' In My Car
I'm pretty much always the last one to jump
on the bandwagon, any bandwagon for that 
matter. I instantly fell in love with She & Him's 
cover of this song on their new album, so I tracked 
down the original. It's pretty damn great, but I'm
very glad that for their cover, Zooey and Matt 
decided that it would work best as a duet. Matt's 
voice coming on is the most pleasantly surprising 
thing on the album, and I find myself waiting for it 
on the original. 
  • Pixies - Allison
  • Pixies - No. 13 Baby
  • The Replacements - Unsatisfied
  • Ryan Adams - Rip Off
  • Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen (*)

I've listened to it so many times 
on Spotify that it was time I bought 
it. It's impossible not to sing along 
or tap your feet to this one. 

  • Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (*)
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl 
  • Warren ZevonMohammed's Radio (live) 
This pick stems from a mistake I made. I have
the attention span of a goldfish. During the 
Californication season 2 finale, I googled
the lyrics to a Warren Zevon song (Keep Me In 
Your Heart) and then I must have listened to 
Mohammed's Radio and liked it a lot because
I remembered that song to be Mohammed's Radio
for months. I listened to Mohammed's Radio on
Spotify for months, and then today watched the
first few minutes of the finale, only to realize
it was a different song. Since I liked the scene
as much as the song, it's a disappointment to find
I was mistaken all these months. I remedied it by
also purchasing "Keep Me In Your Heart", which is 
a more fitting song for the scene anyway. 
  • Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart
The most poignant thing about this song is
that it was recorded as Zevon was dying from 
cancer. You get so used to songs about loss that
you tend to forget that some are actually written
about death as opposed to, more metaphorically, 
about breaking up. 

Favorite lines: 
"If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you
any less" and "you know I'm tied to you like 
the buttons on your blouse"
  • Wilco - How To Fight Loneliness
This song is on the Girl, Interrupted OST, but 
I didn't remember that it was because I didn't pay 
attention to the soundtrack the many times I watched 
the movie. I have it on VHS, so it's not the most 
convenient way to watch it again to see when it's 
played. I found the soundtrack on Spotify
a few weeks ago, and was surprised that they would
put such a "new" band on the soundtrack because
the movie is set in the 70s if I remember
correctly. I find the opening verse is haunting.

"How to fight loneliness, smile all the time, 
shine your teeth to meaningless and sharpen
them with lies"
  • Wilco - Sonny Feeling
  • Traveling Wilburys - Handle Me With Care
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - This Love Is F*****g Right
Last year, before SXSW, I downloaded
NPR's preview shows and then promptly
forgot about some of the stuff I'd listened
to. A few months ago, I don't know how or 
why,I stumbled upon The Pains on the iTunes 
store and listened to the 30 second previews of 
their debut album. Then, I added the album to 
my Spotify playlists. I figured it was time 
I paid to listen to these songs. I'm not usually 
into this kind of noise pop, but I really dig 
"This Love is F*****g Right".
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Tenure Itch
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me The Breeze
Just like "Mohammed's Radio" reminds me
of Californication (see corrections above), 
Call Me The Breeze reminds me of Love is a Mixtape 
and a part I could quote if my brother had given 
me the book backIt was about there being 
nothing in the world like riding in a car with 
a Southern girl singing Call Me the Breeze at 
the top of her lungs or playing the piano solo 
to that song with the aforementioned Southern 
girl on a roadtrip. FYI, I'm serious, I want 
the book back!

(*) Damn iTunes for having higher prices for Stevie Nicks songs. 
What I didn't buy: €200 worth of music that's piling up in my iTunes wishlist. 


picola said...

Ah, ben les Pixies, on y vient ! T'es une grande !!
Fais-toi plaisir et découvre les Breeders de Kim Deal ex-Pixies, avec surtout No Aloha sur Last Splash découvert en temps réel alors que j'étais déjà presque grand in the 90's

Anne said...

Merci, je sais qui est Kim Deal et je sais qui sont les Breeders...
Je suis sûre d'avoir déjà inclus les Pixies dans mes playlists.