Thursday, September 3, 2009

Holga & Diana Took a Trip to Spain

I've been putting off uploading some of my Spain pictures because I got 8 rolls back. Of course, not all of them were correctly exposed so I probably lost close to two rolls in underexposed pictures. Without further ado, here are some of them, and the link to my Flickr collection to see the rest.
Cute theater in downtown Valencia (Holga 120)
Church ladies in Valencia (Holga 120)
Hipster graffiti in downtown Valencia aka Whoretown (Holga 120)
60s style motel in Playa del Albir (Holga 120)
Castle on the beachfront in Moraira (Holga 120) Dragons on the Barcelona Ramblas (Holga 120) Ciudad de las Ciencias, Valencia (Holga 120) Ciudad de las Ciencias, Valencia (Holga 120) Beach just outside Valencia (Holga 120) Beach just outside Valencia (Holga 120) La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Holga 120) Casa Battlo, Barcelona (Holga 120) Hotel Valet, Barcelona (Holga 120) Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona (Holga 120) Water bottle carrier, Barcelona (Diana F+) Calling Home (Diana F+)
I discovered some of my storefront pictures on a design blog called Mint Design, which surprised me but was also very flattering. You should check out that post and the rest of Ellie Snow's blog.


mina said...

i love your photos!

Anne said...

Thanks, Mina! I really appreciate it.

NW. said...

great shots, and the pete yorn/scarlett recommendation was solid, good taste!f