Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Things



1. After leaving it for three months in my shopping cart, I finally ordered Harlem is Nowhere. I'm reading it at the moment; it's one of those books that you savor because you know you'll feel lonely when you reach the last page. 

2. I have no idea how to compose a beautiful flower shot. I see them all the time, and try to get that angle where the distance from the flowers to the bottom of the stems seems very long and the bokeh is magnificent, but I just can't get that angle right. 

3. I need a tripod, I think, because I'm so short and unsteady on my feet that I can't achieve certain camera angles. Got any recommendations for a good tripod that could withstand the weight of a very heavy lens? 

4. I'm about to invest in a very very heavy lens that my weak arms will have a lot of trouble carrying. 

5. That's one of the reasons why I've been lifting weights lately. The #1 reason is that I just want to tone my body, and #2, look better in short sleeved dresses. 

6. I've been completely fascinated with the South lately, especially with its history, literature and music. I've had to satisfy my cravings with episodes of Treme and I've made a small pile of books set in the South and written by Southern writers. Most of the books in the pile I started reading at some point, but never finished. 

7. My face has been breaking out lately and I've been inexplicably tired. Inexplicably because I don't have a lot of work to do and the kids have (almost) been behaving lately. 

8. I may have been cooking too much in the past two weeks. I've made an eggplant & zucchini tart (homemade crust too), a tiramisu, praline cupcakes, chives scones and a chocolate cake. 

9. I've been slacking off in the writing department. I'm working on three writing projects that need my attention in the next few weeks, and I've decided to start writing more on this blog too. It used to be words & no photos, and then, just photos and no writing, but I've realized that I want and need both. 

10. My new favorite blog is The Novelist's Hubris. Meggy Wang is such a talented and compelling writer, and you should also check out her blog if you love photography without pretense. You won't regret it. 

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