Monday, April 18, 2011


I have a cold that's superimposed on allergies so I'm not having a whole lot of fun right now, but window shopping on the J. Crew and Fossil websites is helping me feel a little better. I've *heard* naps are good when you're sick, so I'm going to give them a try. I don't typically sleep a lot when I'm sick, but now's not the time to be stubborn. 

l-r & clockwise

1. FOSSIL leather messenger bag, $128
2. J Crew vintage style dress, $98
3. J Crew hobo handbag, $298
4. J Crew v neck cardigan, $68
5. FOSSIL leather messenger bag, $208
6. Kimchi Blue flat shoes, $15

It's all super preppy, but also super lovely. 


Ling said...

so... i would like each one of these, please. these would totally be my style if i had the budget. but i admire from afar. :)

Anne said...

One piece I could afford right now, but that's about it. I keep adding stuff to my wishlists and thinking, one day.