Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recently (IV)

Uncooked & unfrosted praline & Nutella cupcakes,
made with my friend and temporary roommate Camille.  

They were a hit with my friends, and remained unfrosted
so I guess you can call them cupcake-wannabe muffins. 

I've always hated vertical shots, but decided
to give it a try to see if I'd change my mind. 
Mind almost changed. 

My one eyed cat friend came back a couple of times, 
and I noticed that she's as scared of Oscar 
as Oscar is of her. I want them to be friends. 

Non invisible cat. 

Cats have the cutest paws. How can you resist that 
paw? I want to touch it. 

Oscar has mastered the sad puppy dog eyes look. 
He knows it works too. 

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