Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcoming spring.


Spring is finally here, and with that come: the ability to walk back from work without the cold biting at my hands, the beautiful late afternoon light, the allergies (but those flowers are so worth it), and most importantly, the realization that in less than three months, my love will be here for almost three months. After 81 days apart, being together again in 85 days seems almost close.


Spring is my favorite season, but it's also the most difficult to shop for. What do you wear when mornings are chilly and afternoons warm? The spring collections at my favorite stores are also on the disappointing side this year. And when I see cute dresses, they're on the wrong side of expensive (think €240-260, not my usual €120-140 range).


And when you work with kids, spring is when the kids are the most unbearable. Studying takes even more of a backseat to playing outside and sitting in the sun working on their tans. The boys play soccer while the girls watch and cheer, and play coy.


When you get migraines, the lengthening of days is very much welcome. More natural light means fewer migraines, and the warmth means I can take a book and sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. 


I am looking forward to taking my MacBook outside, along with a cup of green tea, to work on a few projects in the mornings. 

Shooting into the sun can give interesting
results when you choose to forget that
you're not supposed to. 
My favorite neighborhood cat decided to
lay in the dead leaves over the wire that 
separates my yard from my neighbors' and taunt Oscar. 
"I am ze masked cat" she said, covering her
one atrophied eye. She loved being the center of 
attention and let me take dozens of pictures of her. 


Rhiannon said...

awww kitty!

Jacqueline said...

so much lovely bokeh. i especially adore that last shot of the fluffy kitteh. so sweet.

Anne said...

My lens really surprised me there. I almost wanted to kiss it after I uploaded the photos to iPhoto because of the bokeh. The kitty is so adorable I couldn't resist.