Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paris in windows: Food & Tea

I would need to have an enormous appetite to be able to sample every dessert that looks appealing when I'm walking the streets of Paris. And since I'm usually not hungry by the time I set out with my camera, I forego going into each bakery and sitting down with a plate of their most delicious looking pastries. Instead, I take pictures of those pastries in the window. It's better for my waistline and my wallet, though not nearly as exciting. 

Sernik is Polish cheesecake, made from curd usually. 
It's more filling than New York cheesecake, doesn't 
usually look as appetizing, but it's terribly 
tasty and is a great comfort food. This one is from
my favorite Eastern European bakery in Le Marais. 

Fauchon, the luxury deli on Place de la Madeleine, 
always has the most interesting looking cakes. 
They make you wonder how you can slice them and
stuff them in your mouth, though I guess Fauchon's
customers don't stuff anything into their mouths.
They're much too refined for that.


Ever since I took this photo, I've been wanting to
replicate the base of this cake. It looks like it's
made of some sort of chocolate praline mix. I don't 
know if I would make it with strawberries, but it's
worth considering. Next Food Friday effort, maybe. 

The displays at Hédiard always make me want to go 
somewhere tea is part of a ceremony.  
Next on my list of green teas to try is this one
from Hédiard's window. I wish I'd found out what tea it is, 
though I suspect it's their Sencha Cerisier tea. I'm in
love with those red tins. They're such a lovely color. 

It's highly impractical to have at home (hello, dust!), 
but wouldn't you love a basket of tea? 


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i honestly can't fathom why you would want to move to the us, i want to just jump in your pictures and stay.