Friday, February 25, 2011

Shakespeare & Co

One of my favorite bookstores in Paris is Shakespeare & Co. I tend to gravitate towards Saint Michel to check out their new and of interest display. You see it's a great bookstore the second you spot the building it occupies. There's something about their signs, and the green window frames. 


And that table with the chipped paint. 


On the left hand side of the store is the antique book store.  


Where they sell books like these. 


The main bookstore is the one I always go to. It's straight out of a dream. They have great windows too. They promote independent journals, like the one below. 


They like birds in windows.


Upstairs are reading rooms, the children's book section, the literary magazine collection, and a piano that a customer was playing when I was there. 




There's also this really cute alcove with a typewriter and lots of notes that I've never read. It's on my to-do list to sit down and read them next time. Maybe I'll find my friend's note too. 




They have books for everyone. 



If you get lucky, you can see really cool buildings reflected in their windows. 


And sometimes, even men with trees coming out of their heads. 


They have a very cool history


Alice said...

love all the little nooks and details you captured here. i MUST find a typewriter for my place one of these days...

Anne said...

Thanks a lot, Alice! That bookstore has so many of them worth capturing. It's an incredible place. I want a typewriter really badly too, though I'm sure I'll be as frustrated with them now as I was as a kid.

Howie said...

Nice angles .Even tho all the pics have similar subject matter, still all the pics have characters and kept me interested.