Friday, December 3, 2010

Ben & Lou Ann: Black & White

Ben is a high school friend of mine with whom I'd lost touch. We reconnected via Facebook sometime this summer, and I told him that if he was up for it, I could take photos of his adorable daughter, Lou Ann. Then, two weeks ago, Ben said he wanted me to take photos he could use for his online dating profile because he recently separated from Lou Ann's mother. 

Unfortunately, the lighting conditions in the coffee shop were terrible, and the harsh shadows that the many artificial lights and the natural light cast on his face were so bad that I promised him another session. Also, note to self: set your own white balance next time. At least I learned my lesson. However, I managed to salvage some photos of Lou Ann. 

Anxious face

Before or after she took off his glasses.

Play time: Lou Ann somehow ended up with her face on the table. 

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