Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1. I really like this picture I took of Laurent almost two weeks ago. I can't remember if I made him pose or not. 
2. This was taken during our photowalk on the same day. 
3. Leo at the Impressionists exhibition. 
4. Where Leo and I went to after the exhibition to get tea. 
5. What we saw outside the café.
6. Who we hung out with outside the café

Last night, I watched the last half of Alfie and fell hard for "Old Habits Die Hard" by Mick Jagger. And when I mean hard, I mean I've listened to it 24 times since midnight. I never liked Mick Jagger or the Stones. The music is fast, the voice is sultry, the guitars are soft at first, the tone is determined, the lyrics are simple yet effective. It's just a perfect combination for me. And it hits close to home. 
"We haven't spoken in months 
 you see, I've been counting the days, 
I dream of such inanities, such insanities, 
 I'm lost like a kid in a maze,
But I've never taken your calls, 
 You see I put the block on my phone,
I act like an addict, 
I just got to have it,
I never can leave it alone"

There's just something so touching and sexy in the way he sings "We haven't spoken in months" and "But I've never taken your calls, You see I put the block on my phone". 

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