Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm back from my Brittany vacation. It was a vacation spent exploring very little because of my sprained ankle, studying for the entrance exam I'm taking in September, and taking some photos. There was also the excitement of the MacBook Pro update last Tuesday. I'd brought three cameras (lc-a, Canon T1i and Minolta), but only ended up using the Canon. Here are some of my favorite photos, not picked based on their artistic merit, but because they are representative of the things I saw. 

  1. I developed an obsession with gates, it appears. 
  2. I would have loved to see those landscapes in winter. Preferably before or during a storm. 
  3. Sometimes, they reminded me of New England. 
  4. I like shooting from behind a rock. I prefer the sea to be slightly blurry. 
  5. Tiny harbors look so much better at low tide. 
  6. The wind was super cold, sometimes unbearably so. 
  7. I love blue front doors and blinds. 

.2124 .2123 .2095 .2067 .2064 .2102 .2118
.2134 .2068 .2154

  Upon coming back, I rushed to my local Apple Store to buy a 2.44 Ghz, 15" MacBook Pro with a glossy screen, as well as a couple of accessories. I finished transferring everything from my old MacBook Pro this afternoon. I'm in love. Of course, my old MacBook Pro and I had some good times together. It helped me write my two theses. It helped me get those fantastic grades in my Political Communications classes. It helped me write all those emails to campaign supporters. I carried it to work everyday for 5 months. I protected it so well for three years that it doesn't have a single scratch. 
  But the first thing I did was open the package that contained my Jakob Dylan cd. You know what made me mad? That I'd listened to it on Soundscan first. There's nothing like listening to a cd on a stereo, or vinyl on a turntable for that precious first listen. You only get one first listen. You need to use it well. 

Currently listening to (also my favorite tracks on the album)

"Down On Our Own Shield" - Jakob Dylan
"Smile When You Call Me That" - Jakob Dylan
"Truth For A Truth" - Jakob Dylan
(there's never been a more soothing voice to me than Jakob's)


Anonymous said...

I hope that you had a great vacation. I like these pictures, and they do remind me of New England.

Anne said...

I did have a nice vacation. The weather was terrible, but the landscapes were so pretty that they made up for the weather.
I'm glad you agree with me. I thought maybe I was crazy for thinking so. Maybe it was because I missed New England so much.
I just realized I never asked you where you're from.