Saturday, February 27, 2010

Minolta #2

I sent the second roll I shot through my mom's Minolta in last weekend for processing, and got it back today. I scanned it as soon as I got back from a trip to Ikea (yay!). It's from several days in January and February. I finished the roll before I went to Paris. 
I posted 15 photos to Flickr so you can check out all of them here. Almost all of them are the film versions of the digital photos I took of my last bagel making session. 

Also, I showed my father the photos on my iPhone (granted, not the best way to show photos), and he said "you should have shot those with your digital camera". I asked why and he said "because they're not interesting, and film is expensive to process". Geez, thanks for the support, dad. 

My mother's headphones. I'm in love with them. 







Listening to: Forever Young - Bob Dylan


Anonymous said...

The bagels look great and I also like those headphones. I'm thinking of getting a pair of the Panasonic retro headphones.

Anne said...

You should! The black ones look great. So do the green ones. They're super cheap on eBay, so I might get another pair at some point.