Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Observations about work:
- when they say the Democratic Party is the party of women, they're really not kidding. I've made hundreds of calls since I've been here, and over 2/3rds of those calls have been to women. Most of women supporters are over 60, but maybe that was because we were using some of Clinton's call lists.
- New Hampshire voters really don't like taxes. And they'll call to protest more taxes. And to ask about our candidate's tax policy. And they'll do so when they hear an ad on tv that's paid for by some shadowy group out of DC that gives them our number at the end of the ad.
- contrary to popular belief, reading blogs all day isn't all that great. Especially when they have a dreary layout.

The weather here has been pretty gloomy for the past few days. We've had thunderstorms since Sunday. That doesn't exactly make it easy to go for a walk and see what Manchester has to offer. I've been staying inside, and because I'm working on a blog project for someone in operations, I haven't had to go canvass in the rain. We're supposed to go canvassing tomorrow or Thursday, so I'm praying the storms will stop. 

On Friday, Clinton and Obama are having a rally in Unity, NH, where they both got 107 votes in the primary, and so far, we don't know who's going or what time it's going to be held. I just hope I can see the rally, so I'm hoping it'll be in the morning, or very early afternoon so I can be back in Manchester by 5.30pm to meet with my new landlord. 

Michelle Obama is going to be in New Hampshire this week too, but I don't know where or when. It might be in Manchester. We have a television crew here filming the candidate for a documentary on women in power. They filmed the staff, and that included me, at my desk. It will surprise those of you who know me well that I haven't even been to Starbucks since I got here. Having only two Starbucks in town will do that to you. I miss my weekly coffee frappuccino. In a job where everyone lives on caffeine, I also haven't had any coffee or tea in about a week. I don't know how I've been able to survive a 9 to 9 job without caffeine.

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